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Job Opening: Clinical Director

Location: Floating between Walnut Creek & Lafayette
Schedule: Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM
Must be able to do on-call on the evenings and weekends.
On-call on rotation basis every 5th week and remote once a week after 90 days of employment.

The Clinical Director is an experienced, licensed clinician who oversees the clinical operations of two residential programs. The Clinical Director works alongside the Operations Manager to ensure that all administrative, operations, and compliance needs are being met. All duties listed below apply to both programs that the Clinical Director oversees.

1. Provide clinical oversight to the programs and ensure that all quality, clinical excellence, and safety measures are maintained.
2. Provider leadership, mentorship, and guidance to the teams.
3. Ensure that the program’s clinical approach remains behavioral and skills-based and in line with the company’s mission and values.
4. Provide direct supervision to the Primary Therapists, Facility Nurse, and Operations Manager.
5. Facilitate weekly meetings with the Primary Therapists, Facility Nurse, and Operations Manager to provide oversight and individualized support.
6. Collaborate with the Operations Manager to monitor employee performance and ensure that corrective feedback and disciplinary action is implemented by the Operations Manager when needed.
7. Collaborate with the Operations Manager to oversee Residential Counselor and Chef performance and participate in implementation of performance reviews and disciplinary action.
8. Facilitate 90-day and annual reviews for the Primary Therapists, Facility Nurse, and Operations Manager;
9. Provide correct feedback and disciplinary action to the Primary Therapists, Facility Nurse, and Operations Manager when needed.
10. Review the medical records for all clients and ensure that they are complete and adherent to the company, licensing, and accreditation standards.
11. Review and cosign clinical documentation in the clients’ medical records; provide corrective feedback to the relevant staff member to ensure adherence to all standards.
12. Maintain the program schedule and ensure that it adheres to the program’s schedule requirements.
13. Facilitate weekly Treatment Team meetings for both programs, compile behavioral feedback for clients, and ensure meeting notes are taken and distributed.
14. Attend monthly Program Director meetings and Regional Leadership meetings.
15. Meet once weekly with Regional Director.
16. Provide a one-hour clinical training once monthly to both teams together.
17. Cofacilitate weekly huddle meetings with Operations Manager that include the Lead Residential Counselors for both programs.
18. Provide comprehensive 1:1 training for new Primary Therapists; ensure that new Primary Therapists receive required training from other departments (Medical Records, IT, etc.).
19. Ensure that discharge planning and insurance authorization is being coordinated effectively by the Primary Therapist for each client.
20. Assist with coverage of individual, family, and group therapy sessions as needed during Primary Therapist absences.
21. Facilitate Treatment Progress group and one DBT Skills Group weekly at each program (four groups total per week)
22. Ensure that 8 weeks of rotating curriculum is maintained for all clinical and psychoeducational groups; ensure that curriculum is appropriate, evidence-based, and within the appropriate scope of practice for the facilitator.
23. Ensure that all safety protocols and clinical policies and procedures are being consistently adhered to by staff.
24. Create and maintain a positive, collaborative team culture and collaborate with the Operations Manager to facilitate quarterly team-building activities for the team.
25. Participate in the clinical on-call rotation and provide phone-based support to on-site staff.
26. Provide back-up support to Primary Therapists when they are on-call and assist with managing after-hours crises and emergencies.
27. Participate in and lead clinical debriefs, per the Clinical Debrief Policy and Procedure.
28. Ensure that Outcomes Program assessments are completed at the required timepoints, and that assessment data is being integrated into differential diagnosis and treatment planning for each client.
29. Other duties, as assigned by the Regional Director.

1. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT), Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of California.
2. Must possess a valid California Driver’s license.
3. Must be able to pass a LiveScan background check and clear federal and state criminal background checks, and child abuse indexes.
4. Must be willing to interact with COVID-positive clients, as needed

Compensation: $125,000-$130,000 plus full benefits and $10,000 signing bonus.

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